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Utility Mapping & SUE from DGT Survey Group:

When you need accurate subsurface Utility Mapping, DGT Survey Group delivers the detail you need to design with confidence.

DGT Survey Group provides comprehensive utility mapping and subsurface utility engineering services to help engineers, transportation agencies, and commercial developers avoid costly construction delays and utility damage.

Utility Mapping and SUE expertise you can trust.

Complex design and construction often demands a greater level of certainty than relying on existing plans alone.

At DGT Survey Group, our veteran field crews and draftsmen are expert at compiling, measuring and mapping visible and subsurface utility data. When you need precise subsurface utility mapping, you can trust DGT Survey Group.

Which ASCE 38-02 Quality Level is right for your next project?

DGT Survey Group’s utility mapping and SUE services support ASCE 38-02 quality level standards for utility location and verification.

  • Quality Level D
    Compilation of existing underground utility data from records and oral reports.
  • Quality Level C
    Field location and plotting above-ground features using traditional surveying techniques.
  • Quality Level B
    Confirmation of the existence and approximate horizontal location of subsurface utilities using appropriate surface geophysical methods, such as ground-penetrating radar, line tracing, and video surveillance.
  • Quality Level A
    Precise horizontal and vertical location of subsurface utilities via exposure and measurement of utilities, usually at a specific point. Methods include non-destructive vacuum excavation and test pits.


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